The Richardson Wireless Klub (RWK) donated to the Richardson Public Library a set of books to study for the Technician License. In addition, there are handbooks on various facets of ham radio operations. Look on the third floor of the Richardson library in reference category 621.384. Test questions are changed every few years, so you may need to acquire an updated study guide.

 RWK now has several “loaner” HF and VHF transceivers available for short-term use by newly licensed RWK members. For more information, ask an officer at the next meeting you attend.

"Elmer" is the term used to identify a mentor for amateur radio. RWK members act as local Elmers to new hams or members exploring new modes or interests. If you could use some help, just let us know. We will put you together with one of our ‘old hands’ to help get you going. Click this L I N K for more info on getting started now.

There are up-to-date interactive practice exams available online at the following Internet websites: Q R Z   E H A M . When you can consistently get 85 to 90% or better on these practice exams, you are ready to take the real exam from one of our local club’s Volunteer Examiner teams. You can check for exam locations, dates, and times at A R R L

P.S. RWK offers exam sessions on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 P.M.
For more info, call Bill Owens at 972.380.2859.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Elmer Mentoring Roundtable provides guidance to newly-licensed hams. The informal sessions allow new hams to pose questions to advanced operators who have plenty of experience and expertise in amateur radio equipment and on-the-air operations. The Elmer Roundtable takes place from 5:30 to 6:30 P.M., just ahead of our regular monthly meeting at St. Barnabas Presbyterian Church. RWK members are eager to help answer specific questions and to help new hams 'get on the air.' There are many facets to amateur radio and nobody can know everything, so don't hesitate to ask questions and tap into our vast pool of amateur radio knowledge and lore!

Remember there are no stupid questions! We are the friendly club and here to help you get started!


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