RWK publishes a monthly on-line newsletter, "The Chawed Rag," for members and others interested in the Klub's activities. You will find our newsletter archive under RWK Documents on this website. The newsletters include a list of officers and directors and their telephone numbers.

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Why “The Chawed Rag?”

Ham radio operators love to talk! In addition to the many emergency communications services provided to their communities, hams enjoy chatting with fellow hams on the air. Hams exchange information about their locations, radio equipment they use, antennas, tuners, etc.

Additionally, hams often discuss the weather and exchange personal and family information. With regular communications, they develop on-the-air friendships. Such discussions are characterized as “chewing the rag” with a friend or several friends over a network. That is the origin of this newsletter’s strange name.

Frankly, rag chewing with fellow hams is something that you must experience to appreciate. Ham radio is fun!  If you want to explore amateur radio, contact one of our board members and join us at one of our monthly meetings. Our monthly meetings are free to all. You are always license required.

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