Joining RWK is even easier than ever before. Thanks to Ham Club Online, now all you need to do is click HERE and enter your callsign (self registration is available only to licensed amateurs). After registering on the site join RWK with club code "k5rwk".

Payment is easy via a secure credit card gateway. No credit card information is stored on or www. 

If you would rather join the club by attending one of our monthly meetings, or by mail... The application for membership can be located at the bottom of this page. 

You do not have to be licensed or be a resident of Richardson to join our active amateur radio Klub!

We welcome everyone with a desire to know more about amateur radio and you do not need to be a licensed amateur radio operator to join. We are a general interest club and our members pursue a wide variety of the exciting and fun facets of amateur radio.

One of the neat things about amateur radio is that there is no age limitation for holding an FCC Amateur Radio Operator's license. There are hams as young as age 5 and seniors over 90 - people like you, from all walks of life.

JOIN US TODAY! Add to your ham radio knowledge and enjoyment...

Download this file (Membership Application.pdf)RWK Membership Application22 kB
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