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Application for membership in Richardson Wireless Klub. Download our membership application, located at the end of our 'new members' list below. 

You do not have to be licensed or be a resident of Richardson to join our active amateur radio Klub!

We welcome everyone with a desire to know more about amateur radio. We are a general interest club and our members pursue a wide variety of the exciting and fun facets of amateur radio.

One of the neat things about amateur radio is that there is no age limitation for holding an FCC Amateur Radio Operator's license. There are hams as young as age 5 and seniors over 90 - people like you, from all walks of life.


Sam Wash N9ZMK

Mary Blocker KG5RCL

Jean-Francois Bedard WB5JF

Sue Friedman KG5PJN

Paul Early KG5PJM

Tom Swartz KG5QEE

Jim Esker N5IVS

Max Pincu KG5PKX

Bill Werner KB5FJN

Brian Belcher WA5M

Lawrence Simpson KF5TX

John Hendry KG5OIB

James 'Jim' Dillard WB5TXK

Joey White-Swift KG5MKQ

Frank Krizan K5HS

Michael Wald W5MKE

James Blocker KG5IOR

Jeff Sanders W5QR

Mike Yancy KM5Z

Leonard Pruitt  KG5DNO

Katherine Blankenburg KB8DAA

Steve Michalec Jr WA4HEL

Chris Williams KF5UWJ

Malcolm Skinner WE0MLS

Jay Pinkerton KE5FMS

David Cappello KG5EIU

Patrick Custer KG5MMD

Monty McKnight KG5LII

Gi Vania N9ZSE



Enrico “Bong” David KG5JLW

Tom Roberts N5UNR

Delores Roberts KC5KNA

Dan Shouse KG5JDH

Vince Martin N5ATM

John Anderson N5OPY

Jim Ballew AF5XT

Todd Clark KG5GOJ

Charlie Schoch KG5IOT

Marvin Brooke KA5HMI

Jana Brooke KE5HMI

Hank Voegtle AE5BF

Dave Little AF5U

Jerrel Jones W5TUU

Patsy Jones W5SBF

Walter Anderson KG5FMI

Denise Bogden

Christi Clark KF5FZX

Landon Elfinbein N5AET

Glenn Garfield K2GAR

Jim Jinright AF5UX

Andrew Koenig KE5GDB

Bill Krueger AE5BK

Bill Richards KM5VZ

Stan Schultz AF5XE

Bob Winn W5KNE

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